The KOVE-PRO -project investigates the stabilization and utilization of dried tailings as mine backfill material.
Geological survey of Finland (GTK), together with Savonia University of Applied Sciences and its business partners, is researching the most optimal recipe for the mine backfill material and how the material reacts during mining operations, before the mine is closed and filled with water. Furthermore, the reduction of the amount of cement used in the mine backfill material and its replacement by slag or ash and the reactions of these new mine backfill materials under simulated mining conditions are investigated. In addition, improvement of the stabilization and pumpability of tailings by means of various enhancer chemicals is also one aim of the project.
The project consists of 7 work packages:
WP1: Properties of tailings in mine backfilling
WP2: Water management and development of drainage properties
WP3: Low footprint cemented mine backfill
WP4: Technical testing of cemented mine backfill
WP5: Long-term durability and environmental properties of cemented mine backfill
WP6: Application of computer tomography in testing
WP7: Information sharing, business model design and project management
The main promoters of the project are Savonia University of Applied Sciences and GTK. The business partners of the project are Agnico Eagle Finland Ltd, Kuopion Energia Ltd, Finnsementti Ltd, Yara Finland Ltd, Normet YK Ltd and Endomines Ltd. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the project partners mentioned above.

Project started in autumn 2019 and ends in autumn 2021.
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