Kuopio Water Cluster

Kuopio Water Cluster (KWC) – concentrates the research, development and innovation in water-sector in Pohjois-Savo region and Finland.
The Cluster offers a one-stop solution for rapid product development, testing and commercialisation services for companies operating in the water technology sector.

  • Municipal water and wastewater treatment

  • Mining industry

  • Pulp & paper
  • Agriculture

Kuopio Water Cluster provides access to specialised laboratories, experts, and assisting personnel from all partnering organisations. Laboratory scale tests are combined with custom-made, containerised pilot-scale test-rigs allowing for rapid on-site demonstrations.

  • Water expertise

  • Results orientated

  • Business and entrepreneurship

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“Kuopio Water Cluster is the culmination of the long-standing partnership of various partners in Savilahti area.”


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We are a multi-disciplinary cluster committed to focused and efficient commercialisation and product development

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