Kuopio Water Cluster is a network of universities, research institutions, and companies dedicated to advancing clean water solutions.

Our network concentrates water sector research, development and innovation in the Pohjois-Savo region and Finland.

We provide rapid product development, testing and commercialisation services for companies in the water technology sector.

Labs and expertise

Access specialised laboratories, experts, and assisting personnel from all partnering organisations.

Extensive network

Our network connects companies, universities, and research institutions to advance water safety.

On-site pilot tests

Laboratory tests and custom-made, moveable pilot facilities enable rapid on-site demonstrations.

  • Testing and analysis services
  • Prototypes and demos
  • Piloting services
  • Expert consulting
  • Data analytics and storage
  • Training
  • Information
  • Networking
  • Visibility and marketing
  • Activation of joint projects
  • Regionally, nationally, and internationally funded projects
  • Connecting business and innovation partners
  • International cooperation opportunities and matchmaking

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Kuopio Water Cluster — founded by leaders in the water sector to advance innovation and expertise

Membership is free and offers exclusive benefits, including:

  • Assistance with finding and coordinating national/international projects

  • First-hand information on trends in the water sector

  • Access to specialised labs and research partners

Discover the future of clean water

We are a multi-disciplinary cluster committed to focused and efficient commercialisation and product development

A special strength of our water cluster is the ability to carry out challenging test runs on a pilot scale and testing related to product development directly in industrial sites specified by the customers.

Eero Antikainen, Head of Research